Dec 19, 2019:  We're happy to be back rocking a few times in 2020 - see the schedule to the right. And we're still playing weddings & parties.  Please see Steely Dane for related hijinx. Thank you. You rock. Your pals, The Gomers

July 7, 2016 Rockstar Gomeroke feedback:

    • Name Deborah

      • Subject Thanks for Gomeroke Opportunity at Catfish River Music Festival

      • Message Hi, I sang Twist & Shout at the Gomeroke event last Saturday at the Catfish River Music Festival. I had an absolute blast!! I mainly twisted and shouted but that's what it's all about....taking a chance and singing your heart out. Thanks for making a dream come true! Your incredible musicianship is awesome! on stage!! Gratefully Yours, Deborah

FEB 10, 2014 Rockstar Kiddyoke feedback:

  Dear Gomers,

Thank you so much for the most excellent show you performed yesterday to benefit the kids at Lapham-Marquette schools! Everyone who attended the show had a blast and really loved watching their kids (and some parents and teachers) belt it out on stage. Your shows are always a blast for everyone. The benefit raised about $$$$ to go towards more arts (and music) programs for our schools for the 2014-2015 school year. Yeah-haw! This show would have not been complete without your help. Thanks again for your time, energy and true talent!

  Best, Ruth (on behalf of the LMPTG)


Jan 3 Revolverica Testimonial:

  "Hey Gomers - THANK YOU!!!  I'm blown away. I had dangerously high expectations, which usually leads to disappointment. But beginning with the first notes of Taxman and all the way through the incredible Tomorrow Never Knows I was almost levitating.  I was 10 feet from the stage, so engrossed in Tomorrow Never Knows (my favorite song from my favorite album) that I didn't even know that Biff had walked right past me to go to play with/at the Cycropia duo.  Opened my eyes and realized that the whole crowd had turned back, and I was geeking out alone.  Fittingly bizarre.  Glad I woke up in time to see/hear that stunning scene.  

  All in all, an astonishing performance - every one of you rose to the occasion and amazed. This was one of my top musical nights ever; I can die a happy man now."

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