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The Gomers have been rocking since 1985 when they recorded their first album "Comin' Atchya" at Smart Studio. The after-rehearsal experimental-goof-band of Emerald Choir, Biff, Gordon and Mark eventually enticed some Comedy Sportz buddies to complete the band, namely Andy, Dave, Gregg and Steve. Geoff came later - he's the guy that plays the cash register, marimba & theremin. And drums. At the same time.​ 

The Gomers have received multiple WAMI, MAMA and Isthmus Choice awards since the dawn of time for 'best cover band' or 'best dance band' or "best instrumentalists" and two Madison Mayors proclaimed Feb. 1 as "Gomer Day" in Madison, WI.  

A weekly gig at the Club de Wash in the 90's has turned into a current weekly gig at the High Noon Saloon since 2006 where YOU dear reader can actually be the lead singer of the Gomers for a song, every Tuesday night and the first and third Fridays at happy hour.It's called "Rockstar Gomeroke," they know like 3000 songs, and it totally ROCKS.

It has also made them popular for wedding celebrations & private events, so book 'em far in advance if you want 'em.

All their recorded output awaits in the shop, on iTunes and at CDBaby

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